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Our Facilities

Our clinic a has a warm welcoming atmostphere with state of the art facilities

Our Harrogate Chiropractic Clinic

We have been established since 2005 and our clinic is based in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Being quite central to the town centre the clinic is accessible via a number of public transport links and there is on street parking on Cold Bath Road and the neighboring streets. Please note parking is free of charge, however it is a ‘disc zone’ and therefore will need display a parking disc in the windscreen of your car.


We have invested in technology to give you the best care

Digital Xray Facilities


We have onsite digital X-ray facilities so that if our Chiropractors require imaging this can be done as soon as required. Rest assured, only essential views are taken. A Chiropractic Radiologist then provides a full written report on any x-rays taken.

Gaitscan Technology


Gaitscan technology allows your Chiropractor to analyse the biomechanics of your feet and the way you stand and walk in order to design and prescribe custom made orthotics. We have specialised equipment onsite in order to complete Gaitscan analysis. Please ask your Chiropractor for more information!

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